[feature request] non gallery page integration

A feature request or possibly a 'how to' request.

A useful feature would be a way to include links to html pages that integrate to the navigation so that one could include for example, a contact page and an about page or any other title one might want.


  • You can checkout an example of intergrating zp into a website format here:

  • Hi Roger, thanks for the feedback. I had something a little different in mind.

    I dont want to open ZP in a pop up, i am aiming for more truly integrated solution.

    my theme / templates are in slow dev at :


    you can see that I have some test galleries and contact and about pages added in the nav.

    In this case the nav is essentially the galleries page items sans thumbnails, brought into the front page and hardcoding some links into the template to the additional desired pages.

    All well and good so far, but if I include the nav into another page it all breaks. I have tried several different approaches to doing it but have no success so far.

    ideas anyone?
  • Yah, I see what your saying, you want to be able to link to the albums directly from, say your about page or contact page. Is that correct?

    I was about to post a new topic on that...
  • Hi,

    Yes, I want to be able to integrate the same bit of code that generates the galleries list in the index/album/image.php into my 'about' and 'contact' page so that it generates all the contextual links in the same way as it does in all the other pages.

    I thought making the relevant pages as part of my theme template set might work, so i tried making an 'about.php' etc but this breaks because ZP generates the links based on the album subfolder names, and everything else goes according to whats in the subfolder in question.

    So i tried making a sub folder called 'about' and then stuck a textfile in there to see if it would display it (i added it to the list of allowed files in the functions.php) but no go (it displays it as a link to file).

    Any ideas?
  • Well, here's an idea, how about just including a link like


    in your about page? And then, whenever you want to add a new album, you just add another link at the top of the page. It's not automatic, but most likely it won't be much more work than creating the album itself.
  • You know what?
    That actually works.
    I didnt think it would, but it does!

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