Directory Password Breaks Zen


I have managed to get ZP up and running fine with no real glitches (other than the large images not working, but I saw the other posts). Great work! However, I've recently decided to password protect the folder within which it sits, so only friends and family can access it.

Doing this though, the server writes over the .htmaccess file with it's security settings. So, I added back in the zp .htaccess code. But it doesn't work. the structure is there, but no images appear. It seems as though when looking for them, the php goes back out of the directory, with an absolute url, rather than simply looking relatively.

I am of course a complete newbie to server side and php stuff, so this is all me trying to work it out. However now I'm stuck and any advice would be welcome.

Many thanks!



  • Back again.

    Well, I'm learning. I've figured out that to have zen work but also password protected for just friends, I just have to turn off mod_rewrite which works fine.

    Of course this has had two side effects:

    i) The url's are no longer nice and tidy. I can live with that.

    ii) The admin page no longer seems to work (enter user and password but nothing happens). This could of course be something else I've done.

    Any thoughts most appreciated.


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