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I didn't really create a new theme, just embeded what was there and made minor changes to the code to fit my design.

One problem I have is when you go to the second page of an album with multiple pages, the links lose track of where they are. Same problem with the images. Any idea where I can change this links or make them more dynamic?


  • The problem appears to be whether or not the link has a trailing slash or not.

    I noticed that the link to the album index at the top of the page (Meeting the Family), doesn't have a trailing slash, and the page retains the full format.

    Whereas the link to the individual page within the album index (3) does have a trailing slash and it creates a page without the the outer design.

    Does this help isolate the problem, or am I just pointing out the obvious to you?

    Good luck.
  • You might be able to edit line 181 in the `template-functions.php` document:

    echo "<a href=\"" . $url . "\"" .

    and remove the slash after the $url . ". I have no idea whether this would completely mess things up or not though.
  • I think the problem is that the first page of each album is put into the root directory of ZenPhoto, but then all of the subsequent pages are put into a directory called "pages." I guess I need to figure out where in the PHP script is creates the pages folder and either eliminate it or figure out a way to make the links relative.
  • trisweb Administrator
    There's no creation of pages - all the directories and paths you see are made by mod_rewrite, and just redirect to index.php with some arguments.

    Looks like you figured it out though. Very nice integration/design btw.
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