deprecated functions (getGalleryIndexURL and next_image)


I am using both functions for my own theme. Now I am trying to get rid of the warning when checking for deprecated functions:


i studied the album.php from the actual basic theme, but I can't find the problem with my implementation.

for example when displaying the gallery title:

<div id="gallerytitle">
| ">&laquo <?php echo getGalleryTitle();?>

| <?php printParentBreadcrumb(); ?> 
<?php printAlbumTitle(true);?><?php if (getOption('Allow_search')) { printSearchForm(''); } ?>

does anybody have a clue while this leads to a warning?



  • The "+" sign means that there are deprecated parameters to the functions.
    Since the code you listed does not contain either of the functions flagged there is no way to tell what might be wrong. In the case of `getGalleryIndexURL()` it should have no parameters. In the case of `next_image()` it should not have the "sort" parameters.
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