would like to remove archive in zpMobile theme and the +Gallery(gallery index)

Dear all
In zpMobile theme I would like to remove the archive portion and the +Gallery(gallery index) portion.
Pretty much on the hole page I would like to see just the Gallery Name, the Home button, the Gallery tab, the created galleries(if any) and the credits.

help is much appreciated -thank you again


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    The sidebar cannot easily be removed without modifiying the whole theme. Quick fix is to remove the part

    <?php jqm_printMenusLinks(); ?>

    from all theme pages. Please see the theming tutorial for general theming info.
    The html/css will probably need some more changes too as the theme is setup for the sidebar.
  • Thank you
    I will try my best.
    I have no programming skills and will keep you posted.
    In case need I will contact you .
    Thank you again for the ultra fast reply .
  • Dear acrylian
    thank you I managed to make the gallery index not show --
    Also tested software and it is ok
    pictures display and video plays --thank you again.
    It took a little to understand what ''all theme page'' are --They are preatty much all the php files in the zpMobile theme folder.
    What about the Archive Tab located under the gallery name and next to the Gallery Tab .Is there a way to not display it?

    Thank you
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Of course they are PHP files because using a CMS does not work with static HTML files.

    To remove the the archive link you will have to modify the function `jqm_printMainHeaderNav()` within the theme's `functions.php` file. Sorry there is no easier way for this either. We choose not to overload themes with options for everything as you hopefully may understand.
  • Thank you again

    Manged to remove all "Archive" in the functions .php-good

    This is Is good enough for me for now.

    it dose not show up --in the tab--if the tab is clicked it gives an error-that is ok to for now

    Really thank you for all Your advise.
    If needed in the future --I will contact you -
    -thank you again

    best regards
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