Getting Started with Audio

Hi Again,

Am trying to get started adding audio and video albums, but the initial basic attempt failed...

1.) I just basically uploaded a bunch of mp3's to an album via FTP... a default image appeared for the album, but nothing showed up after I clicked to get inside it... So what do I need to do to make them show up?

Also, two more questions...

2.) Is there anyway to get a playlist format to show up? Kinda like the playlists you view before you buy a CD on Amazon, and they let you hear samples of the work... they sometimes have playlists of the pieces, so you can hear before you buy...

3.) Any midi support? Plugins, or otherwise? I write music, so I was thinking it would be a cool way to distribute the midi files for collaborative purposes...

Thanks! This is awesome software!




  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    1) Multimedia is optional so you have to enable the video class plugin and a video player plugin. One is included named jPlayer

    2) Yes, jPlayer has also playlists as an option. But since that leaves the standard theme way you will have to modify the theme used. No official theme has playlists built in yet. General theming tutorial:

    3) You will agree that midi without proper sample set is not really nice to listen too so it is not supported. But you can make Zenphoto recognize basically any file format. Try the anyFile plugin. It will not play midis directly, only if you open the files directly so the browser can handle it.
  • Hello,

    Midi soundfonts are good today.

    Jplayer is supposed to play midi files.
    This extension is included in Zenphoto.

    I have more than 10000 .mid files, and think I can use a local Zenphoto CMS (localhost server) to present these files on my computer.

    Do you know how I can enable midi files in Jplayer. I suppose I must not use any other media extension ...

    I will also search on my side and let you know in case of success.

    I have also found a Java solution that works.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    edited February 2020

    No, the jplayer you referenced is a Java app - that's something entirely different - and not the jplayer included. "Our" jplayer is this one:

    Midi is not a standard websound format and not supported in browser or any other web player out there to playback! Not even Apples Quicktime - that a visitor would have needed anyway to use - could play them anymore. You need to convert your midi files to web formats which are basically mp3 or mp4 (m4a = AAC - mp3 successor) files to use them with Zenphoto and have browsers understand them generally. On modern browsers you don't even need the jPlayer plugin, just the video class one and browser handles them natively.

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