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maybe someone can point me in the right direction :-)

The title of the related items is formatted in h4 headings.
The css of the zpbase theme will not display (tag: display-none) those titles.
For Albums and images this is fine, because only the thumbs are displayed.
But if i have a news item without a thumb/image applied, no related items will be displayed.

What i am looking for:
Display the news/pages items with a heading (like h3 or h5) different from the images/albums.

This should result in:
For images/albums the thumb will be displayed
For news/pages the title will be displayed

I tried several hours to modify the code of relateditems.php without success....

Any help is welcome.



  • acrylian Administrator
    I admit I don't understand why the zpBase theme hides the headline but I assume that is a CSS issue? As far as I remember the theme supports custom CSS via the backend so you could probably force displaying it with `ul#relateditems li h4 { display: block !important; }`.

    You can even address the individual item type as the`li` will have the class of it (albums, images, news, pages).

    if you wish another headline structure you will have to create a custom version of `printRelatedItems()`. The headlines follow the though that site name = h1, item = h2 so the related items start with h3 for the "section" headline and h4 for the entries itself.
  • Hi Acrylian,

    thanks for the explanation.

    For the zpbase theme:
    it is a css issue because the style.css has:
    #relateditems h4{display:none;}
    in it.

  • acrylian Administrator
    Ok, probably gjr had some layout reasons for it. You should be able to override that though.
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