Static Html Cache


just nocticed this beheaviour with the static html plugin enabled.
Theme is zpbase.

From time to time the font size of the news and pages increases. This is browser independant.
Looks a little bit like you zoom the webpage.

Anyone else who has noticed this?



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Never heard of or noticed this. Looked at your site and didn't see anything. Sure it happens only with the plugin? Maybe related to the theme then gjr would probably be able to answer anything about this.
  • Hi Acrylian,

    the strange thing is that it does not happen everytime.

    I am pretty sure it must be the static_html plugin because:
    This does not happen when i am logged in to zenphoto as an admin - did it with firefox
    As far as i understood the plugin does not cache the site when viewed with an admin login
    Have the site open in chrome where i am not logged in. There i can see the behaviour.
    Logged out in firefox: Font size increased like in chrome
    Disabled the plugin an everything looks fine.

    So my guess it is something related to the theme/plugin combination.
    With one of the standard themes this does not happen.

    Will have a look with firebug when it occurs the next time.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    As far as i understood the plugin does not cache the site when viewed with an admin login
    That's correct, cached pages are not used and also not generated if logged in. Could be a JS conflict since dynamically generated things like the lazy loaded parts are not cached. But just a guess gjr surely will have more ideas on this.
  • Hi,

    maybe it is interesting for those who have the same 'problem':
    Firebug showed me that the font size of 13px (set in the theme options) has changed to 16px.
    Now I have searched the theme files for a setting of the font size of 16px.
    There are two files:

    which have both the line:
    if (($isMobile) || ($isTablet)) { echo 'body{font-size:16px;}'; }

    Seems that - when caching is enabled the font size is sometimes set to the value of a mobile device.

    For me I just changed the two files to a value of 13px and i am done with this problem.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    That indeed makes sense as the cache plugin does not differ something like that.
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