zenphoto 0.9 multilang

Because i'm french, i would have the great gallery zenphoto in french.
So i made some changes to the core application to enable multilang support, and to fix some bugs.


It would be nice to see a similar feature in next release triweb ;)

Here, the list of my changes :
New file : /zen/index.php (this folder may not be clearly visible)

Implementation of multilanguage:

1. New param in config.php line 24:

$conf['lang'] = "fr";

2. New function in "functions.php" line 15-25:

// Load language file
if (isset($conf['lang'])) {
if ($conf['lang']!='en') {
include("lang/" . $conf['lang'] . ".php");
// For language translation
function lang($txt='') {
global $lang_text;
return isset($lang_text[$txt]) ? $lang_text[$txt] : $txt;

3. New folder named "lang" with the first language file "fr.php".

4. In "admin.php" and in each theme file, every visible text is remplaced :
`english text`
`<?=lang('english text')?>`

TODO: enable translation for template ajax functions.

Bug fixed with mod_rewrite desactivate for admin.php:

1. New var line 12:
$adminpath = "http://" . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . WEBPATH . (zp_conf('mod_rewrite') ? "/admin/" : "/zen/admin.php");

2. Change
header("Location: http://" . $_SERVER['HTTP_HOST'] . WEBPATH . "/admin/?page=edit");
header("Location: " . $adminpath . "?page=edit");

TODO: $adminpath could be a constant.


  • Merci beaucoup Devy pour cette traduction...
  • J'ai essayé d'utiliser cette traduction, mais j'ai un pb : impossible d'afficher les miniatures !!!
    Celles-ci sont bien générées dans /cache mais ne s'affichent pas !! Une idée ?
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