some blank pages in admin interface

after upgrading 1.4.4 to I have some blank pages in the admin interface (i.e. clicking any album, the image and gallery tab on the settings page). The frontend works fine.
In the log there are some entries like:
USER ERROR: MySql Fehler: ( SHOW FULL COLUMNS FROM `[Vorsilbe]albums` ) fehlgeschlagen. MySql gab den Fehler Can't create/write to file '/tmp/#sql_3343_0.MYI' (Errcode: 13) from zp-core/functions-db-MySQL.php

Anyone with similar issues? Or even better - a way to solve it;)
thanks a lot!


  • That error is comming from MySQL and not Zenphoto. But it sounds like a file/folder permissions issue. Probably you will have to ask your hoster for help.
  • I mean versions 1.4.3 and

    I dont think it's a permission problem... all files in the zenphoto folder are owned by the user running apache and /tmp is obviously writeable. Is it possible that the leading # in the filename is the problem?

    Can't find anything in the mysql.log either
  • I doublechecked and found out that the permissions of the /tmp where messed up. I have no idea how that happend but it's fixed now.
    thanks a lot!
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