embedding albums to existing wordpress page


I was wondering if someone could point me to right direction..

I want to build a photo collection based on zenphoto and occasionally display some albums within wordpress posts.
Currently there seems to exist no plugin that can do this, because the available plugins are all outdated and do not work with ZP 1.4.6.
For example: the plugin called "Zenphoto Galley" needs json.php to be copied to ZP root. 12th line of json.php defines fome file called "zp-core/folder-definitions.php" which does not exist in that location any more (maybe it did on some earlier ZP versions). And thus, the plugin fails to work and displays error message.
I'm not very familiar with all the coding so I can not fix or update the plugin code myself.
Is there any (perferrably configurable) way to display full albums from ZP in WordPress?

Thank you!


  • acrylian Administrator
    I am sorry currently nothing exists for this except those old plugins you mentioned. At least not that we know of anything else.

    Not familiar with those plugins. A workaround might be if you find a WP plugin that is able to embed RSS feeds via shortcodes maybe. Then you could either use the standard RSS feed Zenphoto provides.

    Or the external_feed plugin. That would allow to even get a specific image but of course all would need to be coded including an interface.

    Maybe you want to try Zenphoto's built in new/blog using the Zenpage plugin instead?
  • Thank you for fast reply acrylian!

    The RSS feed workaroud sounds promising, but is not really what I am looking for (sounds a little complicated for everyday use).

    I would really like to use zenphoto as a base for several projects, but the concept is missing a simple feature.
    Could some developer maybe pick up a usefull plugin and update it to work with newer ZP releases?
    The whole world is using wordpress and a lot of those poeople are using Zenphoto too, so it would be nice to have the album embedding feature around. I'm sure, I'm not the only one who misses it..
    I'm not a coding specialist, but i think (in my ignorance maybe) it would be a few hours of coding for a professional, to update some lines of code from (not so old) plugin to get it to work with current ZP releases.. The ZP code has not changed so much that it would be necessary to completely rewrite the plugin.. It just needs some skillful cosmetics, a few hour input from a pro.
    Maybe i should fill a feature request of some sort?
  • acrylian Administrator
    Updating or making a WP plugin for that is on my long list but not really a priority. I do personally use WP for websites as well but more either WP or ZP but not both together.

    So I am well aware that WP is widely used. Even a "few" hours are a "few hours" and it surely will take always extra time getting into code by others especially. Afterall both are standalone systems and we are just volunteers with limited resources.

    You can of course file a feature request but I am afraid that will not really change priorities. You can of course hire me or someone else to do so but that might not be an option for you.

    I hope you can understand.
  • Yes, absolutely I understand your work, and priorities.
    I'm not pushing you to develop a feature for my private needs :)
    I appreciate your fast and clear feedback on the subject.
    ZP is fantastic even without WP enbedding so, keep up the good work! :)

    PS. I'll gladly contact you again, when I have some funds to hire you for coding the plugin update.
  • acrylian Administrator
    Thanks! Feedback and ideas are always welcome even if we are not able to fulfill everything.
  • acrylian Administrator
    FYI, I indeed did take a look at the plugin "Zenphoto Galley". As I feared this more or less would require a half rewrite as there is much more outdated than just the one file not existing anymore you mentioned.
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