Development reaching 1.0


0.9 is a nice piece of work, and is quite impressive. However, I'm curious about the pace of development; I'm holding out on sorting and subfolders before I make the plunge, and my self-imposed get-off-the-can deadline is coming up.

What is the guestimated timeline for these features? Soonish, or am I better off seeing if I can sledgehammer the code into shape myself?


  • Sorry, on a re-read that came out a bit pushy. Was not my intent; I'm just curious as to whether you were close to releasing a 1.0 that would solve all my needs, or whether you'd gotten distracted by other duties.
  • trisweb Administrator
    Very distracted and not close to release unfortunately.

    I'm guessing I'll have more time to work on it during my winter break, which is one month starting Christmas.

    I really have to focus on school at the moment, and when I find time, I have to do even more. You know how it is. Let's say December or January though, just for estimation's sake. And hopefully I'll release some bugfixes sometime before then.

    FYI, Sorting and Subfolders are basically the highest priority for 1.0. When it's released it will have those at the very least. People have also sent me RSS and other mods that I'll integrate, plus I'll include more themes with the release.

    Oh, and if you want to work on the code, please don't use a sledgehammer. A fine chisel would be much preferred. Send me whatever you've done if you get around to it.
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