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Ralf Member
looking at the source code of my site I have noticed, that the generator tag is missing.

I understand the plugin settings this way:
If the generator tag is selected in the settings, the generator Tag 'Zenphoto' will be added to the site.
This does not happen.

I have taken a short look at the html_meta_tags.php file and noticed that the following line occurs twice:
setOptionDefault('htmlmeta_name-generator', '1');

Line 54 and line 57

And there is no statement about the generator tag in this file where the if statements begin (Around line 244).
If I add this statement to the file:
if (getOption('htmlmeta_name-generator')) {
$meta .= '<meta name="generator" content="' . Zenphoto . '">' . "\n";

the generator tag will be used


  • acrylian Administrator, Translator
    Thanks, that probably never was there.
  • Hadn't noticed. Made the change.
  • Ralf Member
    Hi Acrylian,
    I have seen that the plugin has been updated on github and tested it.

    the generator tag is now there - but i am not sure if it is intended that it show only the version of Zenphoto.
    <meta name="generator" content="1.4.7">

    Changing line 279 of the html_meta_tags.php file to:
    $meta .= '<meta name="generator" content="' .'Zenphoto ' . ZENPHOTO_VERSION . '">' . "\n";

    would do the job and will show:
    <meta name="generator" content="Zenphoto 1.4.7">
  • acrylian Administrator, Translator
    Yeah, you are right, my mistake. The version is of course printed in the source at the end anyway generally.

    Of course this is hardly an important meta tag actually. In fact there are not that many meta tags that are important at all ;-))
  • Might want to check the error logs. I had a bunch of errors about "Zenphoto" not being defined and assumed the value. That might be corrected if I download the latest master and replace everything. I might have missed the file that declares that variable.
  • Problem went away after getting latest zenphoto-master and replacing everything as if doing an upgrade.
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