Blank Enlarged Picture

I have not updated ZP in several months, meaning . . . added new albums. I have now updated to version 1431

I have not made any new changes but I have the following problem.

When clicking on the thumbnail, it produces a blank white screen. No larger image.

The url that is trying to produce the larger image is [deleted]

Where would I turn on this function if it's turned off somehow. It's throughout the 600+ albums.

I'm using the ZP theme.

Albums here:


  • I guess I do not understand. The URL you listed is not your site.

    I did not see any blank pages on your actual site, nor do I see that link anywhere. For certain it is not a link Zenphoto is producing. Maybe something you have installed on your browser?

    Anyway, as you probably remember, blank pages are the result of Script errors, so to find the problem find the error messages.
  • I'm sorry. You're right.

    In FF browser and I am getting what I reported. I switched to Chrome and all was as it should be.

    Thank you. I hope it's just browser cache.
  • Just found this question and answer at Yahoo, in case it comes up again for someone else.

    Q: How to get rid of in front of links?
    I've never heard of this thing, but recently when I right click on thumbnail to "Open link in new tab" so I can see the picture, the link has "" in front of it, and the picture fails to load. If I delete the gophoto thing from the link the photo loads fine, but I dont want to have to do that to every picture I open in a new tab.

    A: uninstall 1clickdownloader from your program list. and then if your are using google chrome, you can remove or disable the 1clickdownloader extension on its setting.


    I was using FF, but removing that plug in did the trick. is the ultimate culprit.
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