static_html_cache questions

Hello -

I have static_html_cache plugin active, yet my html caching doesn't appear to be working, and wanted to check if my setup is correct.

Zenphoto version 1.4.6
On the server, there is a cache_html_directory in the main zenphoto directory.

subdirectories of cache_html are:
- albums
- images
- pages
- rss
- sitemap

All of these subs are empty.
Permissions are drwsr-xr-x

1. Are any other plugins required to be active along with static_html_cache?
2. Is my directory location and permissions correct?

Thanks for any light you shine on this.


  • Update: now the zp/cache_html/rss directory has something, but none of the others.
  • fretzl Administrator
    Note that all pages have to be visited/viewed once in order to be cached.
  • I visited a lot of image pages, and a few albums (not logged in) but don't see even one page cached.
  • fretzl Administrator
    Maybe you have comment forms enabled ?

    Details on what the plugin does (or doesn't) can be found in the plugin info.
    (Admin -> Plugins -> the small info button on the same line as
    the plugin name)
  • Thanks fretzl.

    It says "Used to cache Theme pages (i.e. those pages launched by the Zenphoto index.php script.)" so I thought the theme pages image.php, album.php, and index.php would all be cached. Are they not?

    Also, I just disabled the comments as you suggested, and still not pages are showing up.

    Maybe this plugin just doesn't do what I thought it did.
  • acrylian Administrator
    The index.php page referred to does mean the root index.php not the theme based index.php.

    The plugin does work for me as far as I can see. Please check that the plugin has really set a value for "Static HTML cache expire".
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