Problem with multilingual site and seo plugins

I have a problem with a multi-lingual site and SEO Plugin

I set the languages en, de, it, and HTTP_Accetpt_language as default and checked Multi-lingual in Options/General
Then I enabled the SEO plugins seo_locale, dynamic-locale, sitemap-extenden.

With this configuration I got a multi-lingual sitemap (3 versions of each URI), but the flag switch does not work: when I use a English browser I get the English version of my site, but when I click on the Italian or German flag the site is reloaded, but it is still in English.
The same happen if I use an Italian or German browser: I get the site in the correct languages, but then I cannot change the language using the flags. The only way to switch the language is to add manually “?locale=it_IT” or “?locale=de_DE” to the URL.

Well, if I remove the dynamic-locale plugin, the flag selector disappear (and I could live with that), but the problem now is that I get a sitemap without the 3 languages.

Did I make anything wrong in the setting?
I tried all that with both official themes Basic and Zenpage.
Any suggestion?

Thank you


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Have you checked that the "http accept" option on hte language option is not set? Otherwise the browser picks the language based on its own setting.
  • gingo Member
    Yes, I have disabled the option HTTP_Accept_Language, but I still have that problem.
    Now regardless of the browser language I get always English (because I set English as default language). But still I cannot switch languages using the flags on the botton. If I click on the German or Italian flag, the site is reloaded, but the language is still English.

    The only way to change language is adding "?locale=de_DE" to the URL.
    Anyway, when I switch to German in that way, I cannot anymore switch to IT or EN by clicking on the flags.

    I tried with Firefox, IE, Chrome... clrearing the browser cache, with anonym (privat) browser setting... always the same problem.

    The flag switching works only if I disable the seo_locale plugin... but of course then I get a not-SEO sitemap.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Please post a link to the site in question.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    I can see it on your site and we also can sort of reproduce it ourselves. Seem that that seo-locale plugin is somehow interferring here indeed. We will investigate that (no ticket needed).

    Just to add: It is recommended to use subdomains for multilingual sites so you get really different urls for each language.
  • gingo Member
    Thank you for the help.

    I would have liked to set subdomains for the languages, but the site is already a subdomain.

    Or as alternative I should create the subdomain foto-de and foto-it for German and Italian...I'll think about that.
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