zenphoto news "the requested object was not found" by search with category

Hans Member
I have Zenphoto versie 1.4.7 [2f43bf5f78] (Officiële versie)

When I view the News-page with the folowing link: www.site.nl/zendir/index.php?p=news i have no problems,

but when i visit this page with the folowing link: www.site.nl/zendir/index.php?p=news&category=Foto-s then i have problems.

The link for next en prev are incorrect, when i visit the news page with search by categorie. The link ../index.php?p=news&category=Foto-s&p=2 is incorrect. The right link should be: ../index.php?p=news&category=Foto-s&p=2 but I do not know how I can fix this error: the requested object was not found

Can you help me?


  • Hans Member
    sorry, I mean: The right link should be: ../index.php?p=news&category=Foto-s&page=2

    the difference is in ..&p=2 vs. ..&page=2
  • acrylian Administrator, Translator
    Thanks, we will take a look. Probably a typo no one noticed since non modrewrite links are rarely used nowadays…
  • Hans Member
    It works now!
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