Activating Colorbox Slideshow from Parent Album

Just when I think I have been able to figure out almost everything on how to customize Zenphoto, I just cam across a tough nut to crack.

I have a colorbox slideshow activated using the `PrintSlideShowLink()` on my image, album, and search results pages. Works great with one exception: when I am in an album that contains sub-albums but no images there is no link. I would like the slideshow link to start a slideshow with the first image in the first (sub)-album.

My best idea so far is to use a custom version of the `PrintSlideShowLink()` (copied and pasted into the theme's functions.php). I figured out that the slideshow link creates a series of hidden divs with links to images to start the slideshow. In the `PrintSlideShowLink()` function I think there should be a way to modify the code that pulls the array of images to make the divs:

if($numberofimages > 0) {
if ((in_context(ZP_SEARCH_LINKED) && !in_context(ZP_ALBUM_LINKED)) || in_context(ZP_SEARCH) && is_null($_zp_current_album)) {
$images = $_zp_current_search->getImages(0);
} else {
$images = $_zp_current_album->getImages(0);
So that the $images array can be generated from the first sub-album of the current album if there are no images present. I tried:

$album1 = $_zp_current_album->getAlbums(1);
$images = $album1->getImages(0);
Not working though, is there a better ZenPhoto Command to pull an images array from the first sub-album in an album?

Thanks in advance
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  • So, some quick questions for you. What is the function result of the album method `getAlbums()`? And what is the first parameter of that functions's use?

    You are almost on the right track. But you do need a little bit better research.
  • the result from `GetAlbums()` (using print_r) is:

    `Array ( [0] => album/subalbum1 [1] => album/subalbum2 [2] => album/subalbum3 [3] ...)`

    The first Parameter I used was `0` which was described in the documentation as:
    "string $page: Which page of subalbums to display."

    I got the code below to return the name of the first album:

    $album1 = $_zp_current_album->getAlbums(0);
    $imgalb = reset($album1);
    but still can't get `$images =$imgalb->getImages(0);` to return the image array from that album.
  • Do you get any errors? They might be a clue as to the problem.

    What type of varible do you think `$imgalb` should be? What type is is?
  • I have`$imgalb` as a string representing the first album of which I want to use the `getImages()` function on in 'PrintSlideShowLink()': `$images = $imgalb->getImages(0);`

    I just get the error:
    `Call to a member function getImages() on a non-object in /Users/studiodlinc/Sites/dl2012/themes/dl_zenpage/album.php`
  • So then from the error one would presume that strings are not objects so they do not have methods such as `getImages()`
  • Yes, now that makes sense, so I need I retrieve the equivalent of the `$_zp_current_album` variable based on the name of the first sub-album. Tried `getAlbumArray` but it gives you the folder structure, not the the object. Is there a ZenPhoto function that can do this?
  • Perhaps you should review the PHP object model a little.

    You should be instantiating an album object via the `new Album()` syntax.
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