2 zenphoto Gallery on 1 website

Dear all,
I would like to know if it's possible to install 2 zenphoto gallery on the same website.
In fact, I would like to split my photo website between "nature" part (including many albums and sub albums) and a "sport" part (including couples of albums and sub albums).My idea was to have 1 directory "zenphoto" and a second one "zenphotosport"
I did the first one without issue. But I'm now blocked to do the second one: i cannot install it.

Could you help me please?


  • Certainly. In fact you can even use the same Zenphoto files for both installations by using the clone feature. (`CloneZenphoto` plugin).

    Create the "zenphotosport" folder, Activate the `cloneZenphoto` plugin, clink on the clone installation button on the overview page. From the clone page browse to the "zenphotosport" folder and press the "clone" button.
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    For cloning your webspace requires symlinks allowed. Not all "shared" hosts do as mine unfortunatly.

    But do you really need to real separated sites? YOu could also link directly into two top level albums. You could even style theme differently (other logo etc) using an album theme or the multiple_layouts plugin.
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