"random" images/thumbnails are not loading in album

I've searched the forum and didn't see a solution for this. Basically I loaded pictures via ftp and around half of them don't load. You see a placeholder with the file name. I used the &debug on one of the trouble pics and received this:
Album: [ wedding ], Image: [ AtestSparksWed072.jpg ]

Image filesize: 11909604

Debug i.php | Arguments:
size = 300
width =
height =
cw =
ch =
cx =
cy =
quality = 75
thumb = 1
crop =

The size of the images doesn't seem to make a difference but they are large files. Any thoughts??



  • acrylian Administrator
    The size does not matter, the dimensions do. Please review the troubleshooting guide on this.
  • Thank you for the response. I've read this response before in this and other forums and my first reaction is frustration. I searched for a troubleshooting guide but did not find anything applicable to my problem. Do you have a link to the proper section or at least what "this" is? I understand that repetitive questions are frustrating, but I have honestly been looking at the available help material with no luck.
  • Ok, I just messed with the dimensions and was able to get a test image to load. Does anyone know the dimension limits? If I end up having to experiment to find it I'll post my results.
  • What will work or not is at least partly dependent on your server. Zenphoto will make use of all the memory it is granted up to the PHP set limit. But the server may not grant even the PHP set memory limit.

    It is also partly dependent on the actual image and the graphics library. Some images take more memory to process than others and the Imagick library is reported to be more memory efficient than the GD library.
  • Thanks for the responses! So basically, it sounds like I will be getting to know my server. =] I usually deal with images with at least 12 MP so the link was very informative. At least I can re-size the images I have to get them to load in the meantime.

    Thanks again.
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