Photo cache


I just want to try and understand something. Can anyone help?

I have been using ZenPhoto for a few weeks now and I really do like it. I use it with the ZPMinimal theme and very happy with it. I would like to understand more about the caching of pictures. If I create a new album and put 20 picture into the album it can take a long time for the pictures to load into the browser for the first time. Subsequent viewing is much quicker. I have tried many experiments, yes the browser is caching some data but does ZenPhoto do the same and can I speed it up? What I find is that I have to look at each picture first in order to make browsing the album quicker on other machines and browsers in the future. I notice that ZP creates two albums of the same name. Is the second one the caching folders? Is there a way yo automate this process to make first time viewing quicker? I have an album with 230 pictures which is taking an age to view...

Great work though by the developers... Excellent

Del Jones


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