Selecting Dutch and French locale languages


I have a problem with selecting locale languages Dutch and French. Input fields are disabled though it is supported.

List of locales where I can't select Dutch and French. Only English is clickable.

List of supported locales:

I have also downloaded latest locale files from github.

How can I select Dutch and French?




  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    If the locales are supported and gettext support is installed on the server it should work. Any errors in the logs?
  • itouch Member
    locales are supported -> check image in 1st post.

    gettext wasn't supported. But nothing changed after I've added this.

    Nothing showed up in error logs.

    But I can select English language, because it doesn't have a 'LC_MESSAGES' directory.

    Or do I need to change the permissions of files or directories?
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    English is the default/native language so that is always available. If permissions were an issue you should get an error about that. Sure the server is really properly configured (just asking …)? No other idea right now.
  • itouch Member
    Yes server is properly configured.
    Locales are supported and gettext is supported.

    I've debugged admin page and I've seen that both languages get '1' at this line 'if (getOption('unsupported_' . $dirname))'

    It doesn't work because of that. But I'm sure that I have added locale support...

    To be sure I took a screen from the server:
  • itouch Member
    Okey I have fixed it.

    in Options table, I had to change following columns from '1' to '0':

    Thank you for support!
  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    Ok, probably re-running setup after enabling things on the server would have fixed this. Sorry, forgot to mention since I am used to do that …
  • Although not directly related to the problem above, there might still be a few missing strings in the French translation. I am almost positive that version 1.4.7 was pushed on the server some time ago and I will soon work on the few strings that have been modified since then.
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