Updating FolderName (Rename) automatically

thommy Member

I'm using custom fields for an album added by my plugin.
Is it possible to rename the album-directory dynamically by saving an album (edit album)?

new directory name = custom_field1;
What filter to use for that?
zp_register_filter('new_album', 'updateAlbum'); ???

Can anybody give me an example how to handle this?


  • The album object has a rename(to) method that does this. Please note that dynamic albums will hide the suffix in the User interface, but you definitely would need to include it when calling that method.

    Also note that renaming and moving are different functions. Renaming presumes that the parent album does not change.
  • thommy Member
    Thank you!
    To influence the saving-process - how to do it? Is there a filter to use?
  • acrylian Administrator
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