dynamic-locale doesn't work in IE 11

vlc Member
I'm using ZP 1.4.12 with "Multi-lingual" enabled. To switch between languages I've enabled the "dynamic-locale" plugin as well as "seo_locale" (i.e. I don't use subdomains).

Switching between languages by clicking on the flags works fine in Firefox 46, but fails in Internet Explorer 11. When changing the preferred language in IE's Internet Options the selected language is used by ZP, i.e. localization generally works. But for some reason clicks on the flags are ignored.


  • acrylian Administrator
    Could be cookies since the info is stored in them. But if the browser language setting overrides everything there is not much we can do. Cannot really help as I have no access to IE.

    Since IE 11 is the last version anyway and Edge already announced as the successor …
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