No line break in album title and description

Hi all,

I'm customizing the zpmobile theme and I wish the album titles and descriptions to be broken, if they are to long. Actually, they are cut.
Anything I tried didn't help. Any idea?

Many thanks


  • acrylian Administrator
    You need to modify the theme. For example in thte theme's `album.php` find `shortenContent(getAlbumDesc(), 100,'(...)',false);`. REmove the `shortenContent()` call. However that might still not give you the full description as everything in zpMobile is heavily taken over by the jQuery Mobile script framework. It is sometimes rather complicated to override its defaults. Best see the jquerymobile documentation on its own site.
  • Thanks for the hint with the shorten contents, I didn't see it.
    I'll dive into jQuery Mobiles documentation...
  • Hy acrylian,
    The solution: "white-space: normal" in the css-file and the lines will break.

    Regards, imagepet
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