How to change the colorbox popin template ? plz


I would like to add some datas in the colorbox popin, like description and tags of the image. But can't find where the html of the popin is located. I've done a search for cboxWrapper or cboxTitle but in vain.

Many Thanks,



  • acrylian Administrator
    The colobox script takes the text info from the `title` attribute of the link it is attached to. So all info needs to be added there. It is quite limited as you cannot format it with html tags or otherwise.
  • Then in the popin, how to add description below the photo for example ?
  • acrylian Administrator
    As said all you want to display in the color needs to be in the title attribute. So you have to modify the theme to do so. Best you read the theming tutorial for some theming basics first.
  • The title attribute is for title photo only. If I add text there, The title of the photo will be weird anywhere else.

    What I need to know is where the HTML of the popin is generated ? plz
  • acrylian Administrator
    The title attribute of the link the colorbox is attached to can be filled with any text. As said you need to modify whatever theme you are using where the colorbox is attached to add further text to that attribute. Colorbox basically just supports the title and is not meant for lots of text.
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