download mode using zpmobile


I am trying to get the image to download when clicked using zpmobile theme. It doesn't download either on the mobile or laptop.

In options/image I set the mode to download and here is an example of a page



  • acrylian Administrator
    zpMobile has no support for the full image link currently so you would have to modify the theme's image.php to add it.
  • ok thanks
  • acrylian Administrator
    Forgot to mention you find of course example how to modify in the Basic or Zenpage theme. You could also just add an extra link for the full image itself instead of linking the image itself.
  • pled Member
    edited October 2018

    Hum, I would like to do the same, but that's not easy to me (I am not a developer).

    I tried adding a href link inspired from zenpage theme, something like :
    ̀if (isImagePhoto()) { $tburl = getFullImageURL(); ?> <a href="<?php echo html_encode(pathurlencode($tburl)); ?>"><img src="<?php echo html_encode(pathurlencode(getDefaultSizedImage())); ?>" alt="<?php printBareImageTitle(); ?>" style="max-width:<?php echo getDefaultWidth(); ?>px"/></a>
    But the link gives me a blank page first ! After F5, I get the full image as expected.
    If someone can tell me what I miss or what is wrong here, that would be very nice.


  • acrylian Administrator

    The jquerymobile framework literally takes over everything. You must disable the default behaviour explicitly:

  • Perfect, works like a charm with rel="external" attribute.
    Thank you very much !

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