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I have recently found ZenPhoto and have successfully installed it to display my 11000+ image library. Unfortunately few of my images have titles and no have tags I can use. I have looked at the existing way of adding titles and tags and it seems a bit long winded.

Having experimented with the Comments plugin, would it be possible to create a 'Title/Tags' plugin that allows a logged in user (ie admin or other nominated user) to add titles and tags whilst viewing the normal Gallery items in much the same way as Comments can be added ? This would give the ability to see a large or full screen image and add the necessary metadata as you work your way through the gallery.




  • fretzl Administrator
    We used to have a "front_end_edit" plugin but it was removed years ago because of severe security issues.
    We kept it in our "Unsupported" repository for legacy reasons but it doesn't work anymore.(href="https://github.com/zenphoto/Unsupported/tree/master/plugins/front_end_edit)

    There are no plans to revive it but we always welcome 3rd party solutions.

    A possible route, right now, could be to use the admin toolbox (visible on the front-end when logged in) and click "Edit image" when you are on an image page.
    That will however bring you to the back-end edit page.
    There's also the "Bulk actions" dropdown (on the back-end) to add tags to items.

    For the future, the easiest would be to include the information in the image EXIF data. Zenphoto will extract that automatically.
  • Thanks for the quick response. In between my post and your response I checked back on some older forum posts (should have done this sooner) and found similar responses and a suggestion to use XnView to manage titles/tags. A quick look at the current version of XnView does indeed seem to do all I want and does enable the titles/tags to be picked up by ZenPhoto.

    No further action needed.


  • I would like the feature to easy "crowd-source" tags for a lot of photos.
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