Complicated problem

Hi, I have a problem with some users in our gallery. I try to write in my best English (I am Dutch)

I made a gallery for our fotoclub. We have several users. For some of them I made a group. The rights are the same as for all users, only this group can also see albums that are not published. But, after I made that group and added that people to it, they could only see the group album to upload en no more there own. Now I have deleted the group album and the group because it did not work. But now there's a new problem: this users have there own album, but they cannot access or upload. When I link the personal albums to the owner, I get a message called: error! the send information in the form is not completed. But I filled everything right. This makes me crazy. The whole afternoon I am looking for an answer. Can someone help me please?


  • fretzl Administrator
    Let's start with the error.
    It looks like the server cannot process the amount of data from the form.
    I'm not sure how many users you have and how many users per page you can see and edit.
    Please look at the "Users per page" option on Admin > Options > General and lower the number to see if the error goes away.

    I created a similar situation with just two users and everything seems to be working fine...
    However, I indeed noticed that when the group is deleted, the user's "primary album" is not accessible to the user anymore. Not sure if this is correct behavior.

    I'm not sure what you mean with "group album".
  • Hi, thanks!

    We have 33 users. The option 'users per page' was 10. Now I set it on 5. I am happy to tell that I could link the users with their own album now. So that problem is solved.

    As administrator I made a group of some users who had the rights to see unpublished albums. Therefore I made one album in which they can see the photos to prepare the club eve.
    That's what I call the group album.

    Now the users per page is set lower, I could make changes and can save it without an error message.

    For now it all seems to work fine. Thank you very much for your help!

    With regards, Lanie
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