sharing convention photos with depicted persons

I'm looking for an easy way to share my pictures with people I shot pictures of. Till today, I shared my email address and wrote down the picture numbers to be able to verify who asked for their pictures. It works and I was able to verify the requester and even ask for the rights to publicizes the pictures in the future, but in the passing years I lost track of my pictures and sharing with the common services (dropbox, google) isn't liable anymore.
As a professional Network-Guy and amateur Photographer I always had my own server running on the internet, but I never hosted a real gallery.

So I would like to host my own pictures and simplify my workflow with my depicted Persons.

Does Zenphoto offer an easy way to share albums with unknown Persons offering them only a link and a random password / link / first shot picture number?

Does anybody use Zenphoto in a similar way for conventions like Cosplay or Comic conventions?

Looking forward to your answers.


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