List soundfiles (mp3)


I like to have mp3-soundfile in a list,
with this jQuery-player with some text put under
or beside each player.
(like on my old handcoded site)

By now, in ZenPhoto, I can play them only
mp3 by mp3 on single website (image.php),
whats in this case for me not necessary.

I would like to see the list in the album.php
Does anybody has an helping hand, who I can
effect that?

may be with an
if (isset($_GET['album']) AND $_GET['album'] == 'area/sound') ... ?

class-video, jplayer,
Zenphoto version 1.4.14



  • fretzl Administrator
    Try changing the `next_image()` loop on `album.php` to something like below. This assumes the album with mp3 files is called sound.

    <?php while (next_image()):
    if ($_zp_current_album->name == 'sound' ) {
    } else {

    <?php } ?>
    <?php endwhile; ?>
  • acrylian Administrator
    Another way if you want an actual playlist and more flexibility:
    • Duplicate the theme's `album.php` and rename the duplicate to e.g. `album-playlist.php`.
    • Enable the `jplayer` plugin and replace the `next_image` loop on `album-playlist.php` with `jplayer's` function `printjPlayerPlaylist()` (default is video and audio, see the plugin file itself for more info)
    • Enable the `multiple_layouts` plugin and then select `album-playlist.php` for your audio album layout.
    You might need some additional tweaking in CSS etc. to get what you like (not familiar with zp_mininmal).
  • Hi,

    there seems to be some perils in the deeper code:
    the tracks becomes nice listed in the form of Js-player,
    but: only the first track becomes played.

    And the description-text becomes not displayed between the Js-players.

    also thank you -
    the file "album-playlist.php" (readable & writeable) is not available,
    under Utilities, just "album" is selectable for album- or image-layout,
    but not the new file.

    the sound album is a second-level-album beside 3 image-albums.
    I just test the first-level album too with the pure matching new zp_mininmal -
    without improvements. And I removed the hyphe from album-playlist.php, but ...

  • fretzl Administrator
    Ok, I see. Forget my solution. Each player needs to have a unique ID and that is much more work.

    About @acrylian's solution:
    Did you enable the `multiple_layouts` plugin and set the correct options?
  • fretzl Administrator
    Also...maybe you are using the `themeSwitcher` plugin to watch different themes.
    However, you must set the default theme to `zpMinimal` otherwise `album-playlist.php` will not show up.
  • there might something change in zpMinimal from 1.4.11 to 1.4.14?
    (cause I use that elder one with littel changes)

    And some values stay somewhere in the cache: I empty the
    Chromiun-cache, change the template, and there is still
    a file from the prior template in albumlayout-select, which doesn't exist.

    with the actual zpMinimal, I can select this sub-template-file,
    but the result not that way I want - I see no list :-((
    there is just *one* JS-Playtool. I want all of these about 10 mp3-files in a simple list, halted by the particular description-text.
    And furthermore there is ab big "jp"-triangle, covering these one JS-Playtool.

    how I get these single JS-Playtool+description for each file?


    I don't use the themeSwitcher
    I enable the multiple_layouts plugin and set both/all options (alb,. img.).
  • fretzl Administrator
    Looks like you forgot to check the Playlist support option in jPlayer's options.
    Note that descriptions are not shown in playlists.
  • hi,

    a long way for me.
    yes, I missed to check the jplayer's "Playlist support".
    I still don't know, why the album-playlist.php wasn't listed in the album-utilities for a while. After checking all my default- and dublicate-Templates finaly it became listed even in my Templ.-copy. Fine.

    #the main problem now is, to get the file-descriptions below every audio-title-link.
    - that might be things to edit in the js-file?
    #the second problem is, to eliminate the video-screen for audios.
    - that might be a thing to edit in the css-file - but not basicly ...

  • acrylian Administrator
    If you are using the playlist you could only list the file descriptions separately below for example. You could do that using the next_image loop already mentioned or via the object model itself (see the guide on our user guide).

    Not sure what you mean with the video screen. You can also use the audio only playlist, the jplayer playlist function has an parameter option for that.
  • thanx,
    > ... with the video screen
    e.g. oder div#jquery_jplayer_703 { display: none; }
    doesn't work because it eleminates the list too, not only the "screen".
    (video-)screen-space & list belongs together

    I can't find a parameter option in the jplayer-plugin for "audio only playlist". When I drain the css, it still keeps the empty screen-space on top of the list.
  • acrylian Administrator
    There is no option to set, it is a parameter of the function `printjPlayerPlaylist()` that you have to set on your theme file.
  • oh - I was bit delay-minded ... thank you!!
    Now I'v a nearly practicable solution:

    First: that made it smaller, yes
    just the list without video place holder.

    Than I put all the description into the Title (up to 150-... letters).
    I can't html-format / -hightlight single words, but its ok.
    &its multilanguage too.

    regards, eli
  • one little plugin-limp:
    there ist no no-javascript-fallback.
    Than no single file is available.
  • acrylian Administrator
    No fallback but it is very unlikely that anyone has no JS enabled (90+% do have). We also can only provide what the player adapted provides.
  • hi,

    without Js, you use sytem-own software. Sure, most are coming with Js on - not me.

    I imagined, because of the check for "allow downloading" in jPlayer-plugin, it would be available for a pure download too ...
    I made an <noscript> info now.
    may be, I can deliver at a later stage, a simple list ... in this "thumbs-wrap"

  • acrylian Administrator
    I get what you mean but you are really the minority without JS: If you ask the normal user he often does not know what it is or even how to disaable it ;-).. You can create a fall back noscript list using the mentioned next_image loop or object model as well.
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