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Hello I am a photographer and I want to create my passion on the web by the way I do not have programming skills. The problem is that while browsing the themes of zenphoto I did not find a theme with a modern interface, purified that makes the user want to navigate my gallery.
And the themes I found seemed a bit outdated.
Please is this what is expected very soon
Thank you for your reply.


  • acrylian Administrator
    We are a free project run by volunteers. We of course know that most official themes are rather outdated. For the others on our site we are not involved. We are dependent on users/ the community to provide good 3rd party themes as any open source project is. We can't do everything for you. Sadly only a few users do.

    Even with the next major release mentioned on your other topic you will get probably only one new modern general purpose theme that not naturally will fit your requirements. Sorry, we can't create loads of themes for free or everything for your. Otherwise Zenphoto would have to go commercial which no one of us wants.

    If you don't find any theme suitable for your needs you have several choices:

    1. If you have the design/programming skills, create your own theme.

    If you don't have the design/programming skills to do it yourself
    2a you could try to learn how to do it.
    2b. hire someone to create your personal theme.
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