https and sub domain for

This post is a suggestion for the site

- Go to in https in order to improve search engine referencing and to give a positive image to Internet users

- Create sub-domains for languages supported by zenphoto ( in order to have an international vision.

So for example the forum will be divided between forum francais, spanish, ...

what do you think


  • acrylian Administrator
    1) https is really important if you collect personal data like shops do. Which does not do (except the mail form and of course forum registration). However, the site will probably soon be https as we are about to migrate to a new host.

    2) The forum will always be English only. In the past I did do some support in German but it caused seriously overhead translating back and forth if I needed to consult my non German speaking colleagues. But naturally German posts are not of use for all other users. English is the "Lingua franca" of our time that most likely the majority understands.

    Same for the site itself, we really have no time to maintain any content in additional languages.
  • I just signed up and was concerned that the login form is not presented over https. Good to hear about the new host.
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