printUserLogin_out no longer works correctly with firefox52

Following the update of Firefox (52), the identification form printUserLogin_out () in colorbox no longer works correctly:
All special characters (@, #, etc) block input and lose focus.
Note: it works correctly with chrome (54 or 57)


  • acrylian Administrator
    I just tried locally a password like `$#123üöä` and it seems to work in Firefox 52 for me. Or are you referring to the user name containing special chars?
  • RB26 Member
    `Or are you referring to the user name containing special chars?`
    User names are mail addresses ( and passwords can contain special chars (only those requiring the combination of keys with Alt Gr)
    I use other forms on the site with jquery without problems
    This problem does not appear by pasting the id and pass directly into the input field
    My Operating system: ubuntu 16.04
  • acrylian Administrator
    It might be that Firefox now does not allow password forms being submitted via http. If you haven't setup your site to use https that could be it. I did test with a local server (Mac) which is also http of course but Firefox might make a difference here. However I think it should actually only warn in that case and not block right away. Sorry otherwise I have no idea especially if your install hasn't been changed.
  • RB26 Member
    Thank you for your answers
    I tested with windows10 and FF52, it works correctly
    Maybe there is a problem with the linux version of FF
  • acrylian Administrator
    Yeah, if only all browsers on all systems would behave the same. Maybe a bug that sneaked in and the next update solves it. At least we generally don't have the good old "browser war" days anymore.
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