Confused PHP Install

The following is effecting our phpBB website running on a linux server. I'm hoping someone can recommend a fix or point me to a solution.

During the summer, without realizing it, the linux server running our phpBB website had the version of php updated. Our phpBB website was then broke as the php version was now one not supported by phpBB.

Was able to get phpBB running again, but now's here the problem. Seems we have a confused mixed php versions situation.
At the linux server command line doing php -i|grep 'PHP Version" returns
In our phpBB website checking the PHP information I see PHP Version
We only want the PHP version 5.6.24 How do I fix the linux server believing php 7.0.9 is in use? This is causing a sendmail problem as we no longer get phpBB notifications, emails, etc. Sendmail worked fine before the mistaken php update.
I'm a volunteer for non profit organization trying to both administer and webmaster their website.

I didn't get the right answer from the internet.
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