Problem with some images not been seen

I have been having an issue with some images not been seen in the Gallery. I tried clearing the database and made sure that the images all jpg have been named correctly. When I look on the server I can see that all the original images have been uploaded correctly into their appropriate albums. But when I look into gallery/cache some image sizes are clearly missing. All thumb nail images appear correctly. Its when you click on the some thumb nail images that the new image appears not to show, but some do display. Also the server is showing several unnamed files, which I am told are sym links.
Zenphoto version 1.4.12 [c1d7e8900b] (Official build)
Can anyone suggest what the issue might be?


  • ianhg Member
    Ok Found the problem. Some of the images where quite small that had been uploaded. So the script reduced the size in the cache folder to 1KB so I removed all images_595.jpg 1KB from the server. Uploaded same image from the original Album into the appropriate cache folder as image_595.jpg (image being the actual name of the original file) All images appeared as expected.
  • acrylian Administrator
    Glad you figured it out. Although I don't completely understand what the issue was. Normally the image processor does not size images that already have the size requested.

    But you can also clear the image cache if you enable the cacheManager plugin. Then there is a button on the overview backend page.
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