readable/visible css-file by call up /admin instead /admin.php


my provider made a serverupdate and I just realize, that I can see my css-file:
Zen Photo Admin

/* Basics
------------------------------ */
* {
line-height: 19px;
} ....

when I call up just /admin
(till now, I use this short-link ...)

If I call up /admin.php, I reach only the admin-login as before.

Zenphoto version 1.4.14
firefox, safari


  • acrylian Administrator
    That would mean that either the htaccess file got lost, the Zenphoto option for mod_rewrite is disabled for unknown reasons or the host forgot to enable modrewrite or something. Without modrewrite that is the correct url. Why you would see css I cannot answer. Probably a good idea to ask your host anyway as it happened after their upgrade.
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