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I noticed something a bit annoying.
Every time I upload an image (using Images (jQuery) into an album, the Display images by: is always set to : ID (descending).
I do not know why as a set ... [Options / Image / Sort images by] : Filename.
Is there a way to fix this ? Am I missing something ?


  • acrylian Administrator
    Not sure I can follow. It is an option and should not change itself once you uploaded anything. If it does it would probably be a bug.

    There is a general option for the gallery (= all albums) that can be overriden by indiviudal album settings. (technically themes and plugins could also override those settings but official themes don't do that).

    ID is the upload respectively discovery order of images uploaded. As Zenphoto is filesystem based it only knows the image once discovered from the file system (tha can be backend upload or on ftp upload visiton on backend or frontend).
  • fretzl Administrator
    I'm afraid I can confirm the issue. We'll look into it.
  • fretzl Administrator
    Turns out it's intentional.
    It allows you to easy find and edit uploaded images instead of searching for them first.
    Just imagine you have hundreds of images in an album and the uploaded images are scattered all over...

    The setting is not permanent and has no effect on the front-end.
    Leave the album-images-edit-page when you're done and then return to it, you'll see that the original sort order has not changed.
  • Ok, I understand.
    In my case, all my images started by two numbers and a letter (ex: 14F = June 2014). This way I can easily find my new uploaded images within the album.
    So, as I can read in your post, there is no way I can fix it to Display images by: Filename ?
    In my case, if I set it up to ... images by Filename.
    It works ok, but when I do it again to another album (within the same session) it always returns to by ... ID.
  • fretzl Administrator
    Yes this will happen every time you finish an upload. You will be directed to the album-images-edit-page with the sort order set to ID (descending)
    If you then leave the album-images-edit-page (by clicking on any other tab) and then return again to the album-images-edit-page you'll see that the original sort order has not changed.
  • Thanks for your help!
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