Can zenphoto accommodate thousands of photos?

Hello everyone and all the team of zenphoto, I want to develop a photo site with zenphoto but before I have a very important question conecrnant the performance of zenphoto. Will the loading of images slow down if for example a folder (Nature) contains 100000 photos or is that zenphoto has been very optimized for this.
Thank You


  • acrylian Administrator
    Theoretical yes, but Zenphoto and its performance is dependent on the server installed on, how much traffic you have, what size the images have (not MB!) etc.

    If you do this on a 3 Euro/month server with 1000 vistors every minute it will most likely kill the server. Probably it will kill most servers to load 100,000 images at once ;-)

    So this is not really easily answered. We had users with quite large sites but I am sure they also had a fitting server. Maybe one of them reads this and can say something.
  • So acrylian tells me that the founders and developers of zenphoto have optimized the code at 100% and that the speed will depend only on the server. Thank You
  • acrylian Administrator
    Well, just to be sure, please understand that we and I can't and won't give you any 100% guarantee for anything. Too many things may be involved that may affect performance.
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