Image redirects from jpgs

While page load speed analysis, the result showed that the index.php and album.php page (NOT image) images are being redirected:
I.E. redirect from GTmetrix for an album image:

http://domain/zen-folder/zp-core/i.php?a=folder&i=DSC_0019 (7).jpg&cw=0&ch=0&q=75&t=1&wmk=!&check=eb5aa331de8cfa9b75b97bfb1df05ce8ad5eb2f7
http://domain/zen-folder/albums/folder/DSC_0019 (7).jpg

Is this suppose to occur? If not, any idea what the cause may be? I have added my own theme. just looking for a place to start the search....

Zenphoto 1.4.14 is the version i'm using

Thank you


  • Nezzy Member
    (NOT image.php)
  • acrylian Administrator
    Yes, that url is the correct url to the image processor (which `i.php` is) to generate the cached versions of resized and/or cropped images. It appears only once until the image is created.

    More about how caching works in Zenphoto here:

    These urls on your site probably come from album thumbs being set to random. So the image changes every time and if you have a lot of images in those albums you most likey always get an yet unprocessed one. So solution is to set a static album thumb on each album edit page or use the cacheManager to pre-cache (the theme used must be setup correctly if it uses custom sizes).
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