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Hi all,

New here and only recently installed Zen. Obviously its primary focus is photos, but I was looking to use it to host ZIP files too. We do post screen grabs of model aircraft we are working on, but we also like to post zip files of the models too so that other members of our community can use the models in Flight Simulator. Does Zen support ZIP files in albums? We might have an album for a particular aircraft that will have images of the aircraft, but also containing the zip file to download the model. Hope I'm making sense. I can't see a way to display the ZIP files, so not sure if its supported.

Any help or advise would be appreciated.


  • acrylian Administrator
    Enable the included class-anyfile plugin and on its plugin options add "zip" as a supported suffix. Then zip files will appear in albums with a generic default image/thumbnail.

    If you want a general zip thumbnail for create a folder name `class-anyfile` within the root `/plugins` folder and place an image named `zipDefault.png` there.

    If you need individual thumbs for each zip, follow this instruction for video thumbs/sidecar images (which actually works for all non image file formats):
  • XR219 Member
    Hi Acrylian,

    Thanks very much for this advise, I'll try it out tonight.

    All the best
  • XR219 Member
    Hi acrylian,

    I've added a folder named class-anyfile to the plugins directory, and placed a file called zipDefault.png there, but the thumbnails are just the default "White Page" type thumb. This isn't so much a problem, but if you have any ideas I'd appreciate them.

    Probably more crucially for us is we would like to make the zip files downloadable. Is this something that's supported? Currently when I navigate through the albums to the zip file, I am not able to download it, and right clicking and selecting download only offers the png file of the default thumbnail image. Should I be looking for a 3rd party plugin for this functionality, or have I configured something incorrectly. Again, really appreciate your help.

  • XR219 Member
    Ignore my previous post, just found the info on the downloader plugin, so I'll have a read through that first. :)
  • acrylian Administrator
    Actualy the thumb shown on the single image page should have a link to the file (depends on the theme used naturally which you didn't mention I think). The browser decides what to do with direct file links (respectively its setting set by you depending on the browser used).

    But the downloadList plugin is a way but will require modifying the theme. Which means you should make a copy and rename it first (see the theming tutorial on our site)
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