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I have a problem with the rss feed of my site indeed the new photos do not appear in my feed

The site:
Latest images added:
Today: http://www.lesmaillotsdevelo.com/maillots-des-courses/2017/la-vuelta-2017/maillot-vert-vuelta-2017-dos.jpg
Yesterday: http://www.lesmaillotsdevelo.com/maillots-des-courses/2017/la-vuelta-2017/maillot-rouge-vuelta-2017-face.jpg

I checked the cache, even delete the file it does not change anything
I also check the photos are well in public


  • acrylian Administrator
    Did you check the rss plugin options and what you set for sort order? To get the latest uploaded it should be set to order by "id". "id" is the discovery order Zenphoto got it from the file system. So even an image with an old exif date uploaded today would be considered new.

    Did you clear the rss cache (just asking as there are three caches, image, html and rss, the first is always on).

    If that isn't it make sure the album or possible parent albums of these images are really public, too.
  • thanks it's ok
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