zenphoto-geotagger just with Google-API-key?

Eli15 Member
just as small note, because its not mentioned in the instructions.
On the Firefox-consol I saw this missing API-key-note and
I can't see the map ...

and btw.: its not supporting Openstreetmap (OSM is better! & the future!)

but anyway: the plugin should be helpfull!

best, eli
Zenphoto version 1.4.14


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    That API key requirement is rather new from Google as far as I know. Best you also open a ticket on the GitHub repo of the plugin as its author may not visit the forum that regulary.
  • I wrote the original plugin, I can see the 'no API key' message in the Javascript console, but the map is still loading for me.

    Best to open a ticket over here:

  • wongm Member
    edited January 2018

    One question for acrylian - does Zenphoto already have a shared config item where a user can enter a Google Maps API key? I can see the official 'GoogleMap' plugin has a 'gmap_api_key' setting already.

    The key is based on the domain name of the website, so having each Zenphoto plugin that uses Google Maps maintain their own key config item will get messy.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    I think the map does load but some coding stuff may not work completely. There is no generally shared option for this as it is plugin territory. But you can certainly just use the option of GoogleMaps if it is already set. But you need to check for it. If would stay set even if the GoogleMaps is disabled but you can never count on that of course.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer

    To add you could add a check to the option class constructor of the theme and set it via setOptionDefault() if not set yet. In any case you need a plugin based option because someone might not use GoogleMaps.

  • I've fixed the issue with my latest release:


    I now hook into the 'gmap_api_key' option set by the official 'GoogleMap' ZenPhoto plugin, and added support for editing the value via my plugin.

  • acrylian Administrator, Developer


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