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Hi all

I am trying (and failing) to create a check on my website registration page. This check is to ensure that *only* people who are permitted to create an account actually do create an account.

So, my website is for people to upload photos of a wedding. They first of all have to register. However, to be allowed to register I want them to answer the question 'what was the brides maiden name?'. If they get it right, their registration is successful. If they get it wrong, it should fail to allow them to register.

I have tried all sorts of solutions, but for some reason, i just cannot get it to display (between register_user.php and register_user_form.php I would have thought it would be simple to do this, apparently not!).

I was thinking that I would literally just store the answer to the question as a string, and then compare the entry to the stored string. I dont really mind if bots can see it, because I have the honeypot to protect against bots.

Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts I would really appreciate any help you can give.



  • acrylian Administrator
    If the theme you are using (which you didn't tell) has no support for that plugin you have to add it yourself. That will naturally involve some coding.

    However that plugin allows self registering but not with a defined question answer. It just allows registering so you can review to approve or disapprove those users.

    If you are familar with coding you should first look into the user rights itself:

    And then on plugins:
    There is a section about user management filters you possibly could hook into:
  • Hi
    Thanks for your reply. I am just using the basic theme. In fact, you can see the website at It is basically a communal photo upload site (I am aware that dropbox etc do this too, but this is more personal).

    The registration plugin I am using is just the basic. I am familiar with basic PHP. Its not so much user rights that I am interested in, it is simply stopping random joe bloggs from signing up to the website unless they know the signup password (which would be the brides maiden name). Does that make sense?
  • acrylian Administrator
    I do understand what you want to do. Sadly i cannot provide a solution other than give some hints how you could do that. You will need a plugin for that. Probably look at the captcha plugins and try to create a custom plugin from them as a base.
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