Dynamic Folder - limit scope

Hi - I am trying to make the dynamic album option limit itself to the current album.
Am using the Default theme with some minor changes to image size.
Is there a way to change the parameters in album.alb to limit it within a single album or tree ?

example file.alb

If this file can't be changed to limit scope to e.g. Trips or Trips\London Albums can the search.php for the theme be changed to limit all searches (given a dynamic album seems to be a search) to the current folder.

Have done lots of searching but can't find a definitive answer or enough code to make the change with confidence.



  • acrylian Administrator
    Try to change the last line to the `inalbums` parameter:

    It also supports a list of album names like `youralbum1,youralbum2` and so one. Note that subalbum (folder) names include their parent(s).
  • craigh Member
    thanks for your quick reply.

    I thought i had tried that but all now working.

    I used the on disk name e.g. Cars/Mazda-CX3 and it worked

    Thanks again
  • Hi,thanks from my side also i had same problem.
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