Edit Image problems

As a new user I am concerned by all the 'minor' irritations that seem to plague ZP.

I don't want to complicate things by listing all of them here and will post about each point separately.

The first one that I would like help with involves the Edit Image option. When I select the 'Edit all image data' option it usually (but not always) does nothing or it will take me back to the parent album.

However, sometimes, it does what it is supposed to do and I am able to edit the image.


  • acrylian Administrator
    Sorry that you feel that "ZP is plagued by many minor irritations". I personally never encountered this exact issue but we naturally don't like these to exist. So we need your help here: What do you mean exactly with does nothing? Nothing is saved? All is unchanged?

    There are quite some form elements on the "edit all image data" page generally. Maybe your host has set the POST data limit way too low? You should have something about that in your server PHP error log in that case.
  • Firstly let me explain that I am a 'Driver' not a 'Mechanic' i.e I can run the site but I know very little about repairing or building it. I can follow complex instructions provided they are explained clearly with no assumption that I will understand what you may think is 'simple or obvious'.

    Now, back to the problem.
    SOMETIMES when I select 'Edit all image data' all that happens is that the page just reloads and the edit options aren't available e.g. the ability to edit tags.
    SOMETIMES when I select 'Edit all image data' I am taken back to the ALBUM page and I have to work back to the images.
    However, SOMETIMES when I select 'Edit all image data' it does exactly what it is suppose to do and the image is opened for full editing.

    I am using the ZPBase Theme.

    I have contacted my host about the POST data limit.

    Another separate issue is that I have selected 'Notify me of follow-up posts via email' option but I didn't receive an email (yes, I've checked my junk mail etc.)
  • acrylian Administrator
    No problem that you are a "driver" and not a "mechanic": But since you are the one encountering it, we need your help :-)

    "Sometimes" is a very general statement. To reproduce something we don't encounter ourselves we need something exact to actually reproduce it. So again if you haven't review the ZP debug and the server PHP error logs. That is the first thing you should do when encountering issues.
    Another separate issue is that I have selected 'Notify me of follow-up posts via email' option but I didn't receive an email (yes, I've checked my junk mail etc.)

    If that is an option of the ZPBase theme please note that the theme is not officially supported and sadly its developer is "missing in action" currently.

    The only idea would be that you haven't enabled an email handler plugin in Zenphoto itself. Without that it will/can't send any mails.
  • I will try and find and check the logs you mentioned if the problem occurs again (the support team at my hosting service have helped me increase the POST data limit from 8MB to 32MB, so I hope that will resolve it, if that was the problem).

    On the other issue, I realised I had not explained myself properly; the failure of email notifications is here on your support forum and not in ZP. Sorry for not making that clear :(
  • acrylian Administrator
    Ok, but note that there is another POST limit called `max_input_vars` that referes to the actual number of form elements send. If that is low it might also cause problems.

    Regaring the mail notification: Right, I forgot we have that. Might be because we upgraded the forum recently. However the forum software is old, not supported anymore and not ours anyway, so we will not work on that. We switch to another forum sometime soon anyway.
    Please use the RSS feed instead.
  • Ok thanks for that; I have increased max_input_vars from 1000 to 3000
  • acrylian Administrator
    That actualyl really should be enough. If it is not that I have no idea without any specific hints sadly.
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