GoDaddy flagged ZP files for malware.

GoDaddy flagged these files for malware. I examined them and they match the original files and don't contain any extra code. Anyone know what would cause that?



  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    If they don't have anything you need to get GoDaddy to tell you what exactly they complain about.

    I assume they just use another tool like Kapersky or whatever. These and their libraries are sometimes a bit, well, over active.

    I had last year a site (not ZP) that had no malware at all. In the end it turned out they complained about the name of a script which was absolutely okay. Additionally it was a link within a old post that linked to a site that was flagged as malware site. So not even the site itself was the issue…

    In the past we had server security complaining about our image processor file `i.php` and several years ago the name `zen` of the folder now called `zp-core` did as well.

    Without any details it is find a needle in a haystack…
  • Some people like GoDaddy, or just happened to begin using their hosting service and are unaware that other choices exist. Personally I find them less flexible and less convenient than other hosting options.

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