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hi acrylian
I have a problem
Zenphoto 1.4.14 is the version i'm using
While page load speed analysis, the result showed that the index.php and album.php page (NOT image.php) images are being redirected:
I.E. redirect from GTmetrix for an album image:

http://domain/zen-folder/zp-core/i.php?a=folder&i=DSC_0019%20%287%29.jpg&cw=0&ch=0&q=75&t=1&wmk=%21&check=sسئوآموزش gtmetrixeb5aa331de8cfa9b75b97bfb1df05ce8ad5eb2f7
http://domain/zen-folder/albums/folder/DSC_0019 (7).jpg

Is this suppose to occur? If not, any idea what the cause may be? I have added my own theme. just looking for a place to start the search



  • acrylian Administrator
    The first url is the url to the image processor to create the cached version of an yet uncached image (see info about caching on our user guide). However I am not sure if the parameters are correct as actually sizing parameters are missing. The 2nd is the url to the full image (or orginal). Without know what theme you are using I can't say more.

    If album thumbs are set to random that happens often on index and album pages with subalbums as on any reload a new image is picked. If that is uncached this kind of url is used.
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