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since today I have a strange problem with the featured image plugin when creating a new (or changing an existing article) article.

Usually the right column has:
1st block: Publish
2nd block: Featured image with the SET Button
3rd block: Publish date

What i see now between the 2nd and 3d block is a list of my gallery categories:

Current featured image
Architektur (0)
Bauten (60)
Burgen (36)
Industrie (22)
Skulpturen (29)
After that:

Current featured image

At the end of the list I see the fields where I can set the published date.

What makes me wonder:
In the last days I have created a bunch of new articles without problems.
Since today I am not able to use the plugin.

Any ideas?

PHPVersion is 7.1.8
Zenphoto: 1.4.14


  • acrylian Administrator
    That sounds strange indeed especially if it just occurred out of nowhere. Do you notice anything else different on the site/install since then? Any change like another plugin new enabled? Was there any kind of server upgrade? And most important any log entries (ZP and server PHP log)?
  • Ralf Member
    i did not enabled plugins and I did'nt noticed any other install.

    The only thing I have done is:
    created 10 artices with a publish date set to future dates.

    After I noticed the error with the plugin I have set the published date for today.
    So i think this can not be the error.

    I did not made server configuration changes - same as it was the last month's.

    To be honest, i am totally clueless with this problem.
  • Ralf Member
    Additional Info:
    The problem also happens on pages and categories.
    I have tested:
    Firefox and Chromium on Linux
    IE on win 7
    to make sure that it is not a issue with my primary browser
  • acrylian Administrator
    It's most certainly not the browser… Since you didn't answer: Any errors in the logs?

    The future article should not make any difference. I will try to reproduce as soon as I can.
  • Ralf Member
    no errors in the logs.
    Not in the Zenphoto backand and not in the error.log of the server.

    For testing I have set php version to 5.6 - still got the problem.
  • Ralf Member
    not sure what happened here.

    Two things I have done and now it is working again:
    Re uploaded zp-core, themes and index.php - just like i do an update
    Error persists
    Deleted the open streetmap plugin files - and now it looks like it should do

    What makes me wonder:
    I re updloaded the open streetmap files and it is still working.

    Weired one....
  • acrylian Administrator
    That's indeed weird and makes it quite hard to find out what this was. They are both filter plugins but don't even use the same filters… Could even have been a browser cache glitch that can do funny things… I have really no idea right now.

    Please let me know if this occurs again. And best report directly on its repository itself.
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