Zenpage and Gallery

I was using an older version of zenphoto and had links to news and articles on the right side. I recently upgrade and the news and articles are no longer there. I turned on the Zenpage plugin and now the news and articles appear but the main page with the gallery thumbnails no longer appears, rather one of the news pages opens. Can I use Zenpage and still have the program open with the gallery thumbnail page? There is a gallery button on the right but thast only shows the images as they were added not the albums.

John A. Kinnaird


  • acrylian Administrator, Developer
    You possibly just have the "news on index" option active.
  • Thanks acrylian! That resolved my issue.

  • wow thank you for this I have the same problem, and it helps me too
  • Ditto thanks! ZP is a virtual universe that seriously challenges my geek-quotient! Sincere gratitude to the developers and admins for their time and expertise.

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